Three Tricks to Market Your Company Efficiently

I can not stress this enough, Marketing will make or break a company. From an outsider’s perspective, it might feel like marketing is easy — that’s the whole point.You create an advertisement, execute it, and the product sells itself. But behind the scenes a lot more goes into marketing than you would think.

Location-based marketing, email marketing,and social media ads are just a few examples of the ways to market a company. But today I want to focus on marketing for a service-based company.

In a service-based company, you have to market your team’s ability to get the job done instead of marketing features of a product. Building a reputation for a company takes time but the main focus is to get the companies name out there!

A nail salon may post quality pictures of nails done from past customers which is a great way to market. Because it shows the quality of work and gives ideas to customers about how they may want their nails to look.

Below are a few tricks I’ve learned over the past month to bring customers in and have them keep coming back!


Going along with the nail salon example, there could be other companies that offer the same service. A great technique to reel in customers is offering special promotions. Everyone loves a deal!

While a successful promotion might cut into profit, it could also bring new customers in. So finding a balance between pricing needs and the customer’s perception of a good deal is crucial to the success of any service-based company.


It might seem obvious, But another great trick to successful marketing is staying in touch with loyal clientele.

For example, the current salon I go to for my eyelash extensions sends out a text twice a month about the promotions they’re having. Every month the promotions are different which makes it exciting to open up that text!

Sometimes they will have 10% off fills, student discounts, or $20 waxes. I think Lily’s Esthetics does a great job of staying in touch with clientele and promoting themselves The texts are short, sweet, to the point, and refrains from being annoying. She also puts a link right under the text where you can schedule an appointment. This creates ease of access for customers to schedule new appointments.


The final tip I have is to give customers a place to leave reviews or feedback. Personally, I always like to check the reviews if I’m going to a company I’ve never been to before.

For example, when I turned 18 I wanted to get a tattoo but had no idea where to go. I looked at a few tattoo parlors and scrolled through their reviews on Google. I was able to decide that Parabrama Tattoo Studio was the best fit for me from online feedback. Not only did they have positive reviews on Google and a 4.5/5 star rating but on their website they had a place where customers could post their artwork and leave a review.

The work customers posted felt most relevant to the piece I wanted. I felt like Parabrama had an artist that had the same style as me. Sure enough, I loved my piece and I continue to go to them today. So if a company takes time to set up a place on their website for customers to leave reviews this will reel in new customers!

Overall, marketing for a company falls into many forms. Staying in contact with new and current customers, promoting your services through discount codes or sales, and leaving a place for reviews/feedback will hook new customers and improve promotions to new prospects. I find marketing very interesting, and these 3 tips will be key to making your next company successful.